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Fallout 76: A Rolling Review

It’s reclamation day! Apparently.

As a long-time NOT Fallout player, I was curious about this new one in a morbid kind of way after some of the interesting reactions from fans upon the game’s announcement. And more so as Bethesda seemed to not know how to market this game because as more info came out, it seemed to be more of a mess. Continue reading Fallout 76: A Rolling Review

Welcome to CU HQ

Every HQ has a ground floor. A first brick.

This is ours.

Welcome to Character Unlock, A fortnightly podcast focussing on video games, life, and all the bullshit in between.

A text based extension of the podcast; we can’t wait to fill this void with new and interesting stuff for you to sink your teeth into.

In the meantime, take a look around.  Get to know us over here,