Episode 54 – It’s Crunch Time

Welcome to the Red Dead Redemption podcast! Basically, yeah. While all our listeners are playing Rockstar’s latest classic in the making, we are hiding out in CU towers, like a pair of old fogeys, moaning that we don’t have time to play games! This week, your hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker are chatting about RDR2 and all the nonsense that’s surrounded the Developers over the last couple of weeks. We also chat about Playstation letting you change names and the caveats it comes with. In What We’ve Been Playing, plenty of Call of Duty talk, an impromptu chat about Forza Horizon and Q.U.B.E. There’s also an insane amount of tangents, left turns and frankly ludicrous chats this week as being grown-ups seems to have gotten the better of the lads and they just let it all out here. It wouldn’t be Character Unlock if we didnt.

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