E3 2018 – Our Coverage

E3 2018 Coverage

Welcome to E3.

This here, is the hub page for this year’s festivities.  We’ll link to all our podcasts etc that we marathon through at this time of year.

The yearly video game even that sees all of us hobbyist podcasters, writers, streamers, cream our pants – exactly like the suits want us to – at what are easily the biggest and most expensive powerpoint presentations known to man.

We hope you enjoy the content we literally lose sleep over at this time of year.

Come find us on Twitter for our live streamed thoughts of the conferences as they happen.

Part One – EA Play.

From FIFA to Anthem; from Madden to Unravel. We pick apart the opening press conference of this year’s show.

Part Two – The Xbox Briefing

Halo, Gears and Crackdown all appear at Microsoft’s big hitting briefing this year.

Shots have indeed been fired.

Part Three – The Bethesda Showcase

Coming out strong this year with games we already knew about like Rage 2 and Fallout 76; Bethesda upped the ante with massive new announcements that had at least one of our hosts drooling in anticipation.

Part Four – Square Enix

A lot of stuff we saw across other shows yesterday, and a few surprises.  Come have a listen to our reaction to the Japanese publisher’s presentation today.

Part Five – Ubisoft

From Beyond Good and Evil 2 to Assassin’s Creed. Listen in to everything we thought about Ubisoft’s massive conference.

Part Six – Playstation Showcase

Bookended by hard-hitting The Last of Us: Part II and Spiderman; with a ton of big hitters in-between. We pick apart what we just saw.

Part Seven – Nintendo Direct

Nintendo closes out the show with Fortnite, and Super Smash Bros announcements.

You can of course catch all this stuff on our Youtube channel – We even went and made a playlist just for our E3 coverage!

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