The Movie Special – Ready Players One, Two, Three & Four

Our first special episode in a while, and this week we are really thinking outside of the box.

We’ve taken the day off of video games, to talk about video game movies. See how imaginative we can be?

We’ve dragged in, for the first time ever, Failed Critics head honcho and Set The Tape boss man Owen Hughes to join returning guest and all round beautiful man Matt Lambourne to chime in with hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker in talking about the latest Tomb Raider iteraiton to hit the silver screen and then retro-nostalgiafest Ready Player One for a little while before ressurection the most sacred of Failed Critics features.

That’s right. We are doing a video game movie triple-bill. Films we love, films we hate and films we’d love to see make it to the big screen.

Join us, in a two-and-a-half hour marathon as we dissect these films far more than any sane group of people should and have a few laughs along the way.

Join us again next time, but until then why not join us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

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