Episode 43 – Battle Royale with Cheese

Another fortnight, another episode.

Both suffering with hayfever after the insane two day summer the UK had this week, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker play through the pain to bring you another jam-packed episode.

And speaking of fortnights, or fortnite, its time to talk about Battle Royale.

With the news that both Call of Duty and Battlefield are working on shoe-horning the massive multiplayer mode in to the latest iterations of their games, the lads discuss whether or not it’s a good idea and who will come out on top in this most inevitable battle of the titans.

And speaking of titans.

Brooker gets to grips with the latest installment of the God of War franchise. is it good? is it worth spending money on? Is it the kind of game where you can harass your mate becuase he needs to buy a PS4 to play it on? Listen in and find out.

John fights back with a chat about the Nintendo Switch edition of Football Manager and tries to explain to Brooker how it gets used in real life!

The pair end with a (spoiler free) discussion on Far Cry 5 now the pair have finished Ubisoft’s latest open world ubi-thon.

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Episode 42 – Pretty Fly For A Far Cry Bad Guy

It’s been a couple of weeks, and we’re back to a normal schedule. For now.

This week, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker talk about GTAV – the game that has officially become the worlds most profitable entertianment product – and try and dissect how and why that happened. Including some terrible maths.

They boys then take a butcher’s at the revelation that Sam Fisher’s return – Including the return of his much beloved original voice actor – is, in fact, a weekend special event for Ghost Recon: Wildlands!

Far Cry 5, and everything surrounding it is the focus of this week’s What We’ve Been Playing. Along with a brief chat on the franchises history of bad guys and why this latest installment isn’t everything the adverts promised.  The lads’ co-op experience of puzzle adventure A Way Out gets a hefty chunk of this week’s chat.

Elsewhere, John has been playing the new Kirby game for the switch while Brooker got into single-player-but-really-co-op adventure game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

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Episode 41 – Nothing Important Happened Today

As we head towards being back to our regularly scheduled programming, a sever lack of anything to talk about crept up on us this week.

With little in the way of news appearing anywhere now the bigger games for this quarter have been released, hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker chugged along in this episode chatting about a little bit of everything and a whole lot of nothing.

A brief chat about the incoming closure of Grainger Games leads the guys into their regular What We’ve Been Playing section that includes John’s wildly differing experiences with Sea of Thieves and Brooker finally finishing up Switch re-release Bayonetta.

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The Movie Special – Ready Players One, Two, Three & Four

Our first special episode in a while, and this week we are really thinking outside of the box.

We’ve taken the day off of video games, to talk about video game movies. See how imaginative we can be?

We’ve dragged in, for the first time ever, Failed Critics head honcho and Set The Tape boss man Owen Hughes to join returning guest and all round beautiful man Matt Lambourne to chime in with hosts John Miller and Andrew Brooker in talking about the latest Tomb Raider iteraiton to hit the silver screen and then retro-nostalgiafest Ready Player One for a little while before ressurection the most sacred of Failed Critics features.

That’s right. We are doing a video game movie triple-bill. Films we love, films we hate and films we’d love to see make it to the big screen.

Join us, in a two-and-a-half hour marathon as we dissect these films far more than any sane group of people should and have a few laughs along the way.

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Episode 40 – Nintendo’s Fully Erect

Loads of peaople announcing loads of new games at the moment.

That means, as much as John and Brooker tried to not spend ages talking about the new and upcoming games we’ve been hearing about; they did.

The hosts of this shindig stretched out another bumper length episode becasue they simply couldn’t stop talking about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4; Battlefield V; The Division 2 and a whole host of other announcements.

But they weren’t finished there. Once they started talking about the games they’d been playing, the conversation continued far past what they wanted to – with an unexpected peek behind the curtain and a look at what goes on on recording night.

And how, if at all, Vagisil makes an appearance.

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